For Women 40+
Seeking Clarity and Direction

Do you want to wake up each morning to

a life full of joy and meaning?

Are you ready to figure out your next chapter

with renewed energy, clarity, and direction?

Are you ready to prioritize you and your dreams,

for a change?

If you are like most people, your goal in life is to be happy.  And contrary to what some believe, money is NOT the key to happiness.

So what is?  Research shows that one of the biggest factors to increase happiness is living a life of purpose.

Discover Your Purpose is designed for anyone in the midst of a transition—a job loss, career change, a breakup or divorce, an empty nest, geographic move, recovery from an illness, death of a loved one, or anyone who is simply feeling unhappy or lost in life.

If you are lying awake at night wondering “What’s next for me?” Why am I here? What am I meant to do on this earth?”

Trust me…you are not alone! And this is the perfect place for you to connect with other purpose-seekers to discover those answers. 

I get it, because I’ve been there.

When I was turning 50 and my twin daughters were about to leave home, I felt lost and anxious. My whole identity had been wrapped up in my role as a mother. Without that, who was I? What was I supposed to do? Did I have anything of value to offer the world?

As I reached out to other women, I learned that this feeling of loss and uncertainty is common in midlife, a time of challenges and transitions for many of us. What are YOUR challenges? Maybe it’s an empty nest, like me, or maybe it’s something else… A job loss or career change, a stale relationship or recent divorce, a geographic move and loss of community, menopausal or other difficult health symptoms, the death of parents or other loved ones…

Or maybe it’s not so specific. Maybe you feel that vague midlife malaise. You can’t quite put your finger on why, but you know you’re not happy. You know there’s got to be more in this life for you.

When women come to me with these midlife frustrations, I encourage them to embrace this time of life. Because…

In midlife, it’s YOUR TURN.

Your turn to decide what matters most to you, today.

Your turn to own your gifts and your value.

Your turn to discover your interests and passions.

In short, it’s YOUR TURN

to create the life you want—and deserve.

Take the DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE course now!

I recently left a job at a foundation with a great mission, but where I struggled with the owner. I felt lost and didn’t know what to do next or what I really enjoyed anymore. I was happy to find Hélène’s Discover Your Purpose course. It was very well organized, with each week building on the last. I particularly enjoyed learning the strengths that others see and appreciate in me and have gained new confidence and direction as I look to apply my purpose to my life.

Laura Israel-Cubell

After you complete the

DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE course, you will:


Feel hopeful about the future.


Take charge of your life.


Know exactly why you’re here now and what you’re meant to do next.


Own your value and contribution.


Wake up every morning excited to face the day.


Show up with passion and confidence.


Find peace and happiness knowing that you STILL matter.

Yes, I’m ready to discover my purpose!

You will:

Identify your life’s purpose, through weekly video lessons and easy-to-follow instructions, in a simple, step-by-step proven method

Be clear on who you are and what you’re meant to do with your one precious life

Have the confidence to put yourself first—and own your unique gifts

If you are ready to…




  • Stuck, lost, sad or alone
  • Aimless—like you’re slowly becoming irrelevant or invisible
  • Unsure—with no passion for anything
  • Scared that the best years of your life are behind you
  • That you’re waiting around for your purpose to fall in your lap
  • Worried you’ll never be truly happy again


  • Living a longer, healthier, and more fulfilled life (research proves it)
  • Creating a meaningful future
  • Being open to new opportunities
  • Feeling courageous and confident
  • Speaking up boldly and shining your light
  • Taking charge of the rest of your life

  • Creating a bright future

Get started on the


Since pausing my full-time career to care for elderly parents, I found I was doing meaningful work but began feeling aimless professionally. In my 50s I wanted to become more deliberate about how I spend my energy and pursue income. But where to start? I’d met Hélène in a separate setting and suspected that a program curated under her watchful eye would be packed with insight and meaning. I was right. Hélène’s easy approach and careful guidance allowed me to explore, discover, and experience epiphanies at my own pace. Hélène was instrumental in helping me form a purpose statement that connects my many interests. When I got some coaching from her, she offered incisive ideas along with gentle support. It’s like talking to a friend who sees your best self. Now I understand how my gifts are alive and well in the work I currently do and the caregiving I provide. I also feel renewed excitement about what I have to offer and where I might take that professionally. It’s like I harbor a secret that brings me joy. And I can infuse that into everything I do.

Rebekka James

Ceremonies by Rebekka

I had recently resigned from my position in education and had moved back to the US after being abroad for 7 years. My son had just left for university at the same time and I was feeling pretty lost. After completing Helene’s Discover Your Purpose class, I have solidified a well-articulated purpose that aligns with my values. I am more hopeful and more connected to myself and others. If you are looking for a source of positive and constructive feedback on your journey to discover and define your life’s purpose, Helene’s well-organized course is just the fit. It is structured in a way that is user friendly, supportive, and based in research. I greatly appreciated this experience and am excited to live my purpose in meaningful ways. Thank you Hélène!

Melissa Kay

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

Identify Your Personal Values

You will:

  • Be introduced to the proven Purpose Formula that will guide our journey
  • Clarify your core values
  • Complete your identity statement that honors your values
  • Know how to live in alignment with your authentic self


Own Your Unique Strengths

You will:

  • Uncover your individual strengths
  • Claim your natural gifts, learned skills, and special talents
  • Know how to play to your strengths
  • Stop focusing on your perceived “weaknesses”

Uncover Your True Passions

You will:

  • Identify your unique energizers
  • Discover your hidden passions—yes, even if you think, “I have no passions”
  • Become aware of the people, places, and thoughts that exhaust you—and lessen their hold on your life

Reveal Your Singular Callings

You will: 

  • Understand what we mean by service in the context of seeking purpose
  • Know that service is not limited to volunteering—you CAN feel good about making money while contributing to the world around you
  • Identify your own callings

Write Your Purpose Statement

You will:

  • Discover your own unique Purpose Statement
  • Find the peace that comes with knowing why you’re here and what gifts you’re meant to contribute to your world
  • Be excited and empowered to put your purpose into action

Live Your Purpose

You will:

  • Understand how to move forward, empowered by your purpose
  • Get the tools and support you need to truly live your purpose

You will have lifetime access to:

7 Video Lessons

with an in-depth look at
that module’s topic and introducing your next steps to put the lesson into practice

Resources for Self-Awareness and Clarity

including proven assessments, reflection questions, and tracking tools

50-Page Follow-Along Guide

that makes it easy for you
to take notes

as you watch the videos, and

to complete each lesson’s assignments

Personal Coaching

1-on-1 live support

with Hélène via phone or Zoom,
as needed
(extra fee, discounted for course purchasers)

Regular price is


but your sale price is only


100% of profits generated from THRIVE course sales will be donated to charitable organizations, such as NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention).

It’s a win-win!

This allows me to support women’s personal growth while making a difference through worthy causes.


Get this tool FREE when you purchase this course!

Take stock by completing this Life Check-In, a wonderful tool that measures your level of satisfaction in the present moment, and challenges you to consider how you might enhance it. Take it every 3 to 6 months to track your wellbeing!

When I started Discover Your Purpose, I was feeling like I had too many small fires burning and was wondering which one to add kindling to. The course felt very open and organic. It was a great way to understand myself better and learn how to work with that understanding going forward. I was pleasantly surprised. I got so much out of this program and was able to make a powerful shift, coming out of it feeling peace, acceptance, and hope. Thank you, Hélène!

Sabrina Lloyd

When I took the Discover Your Purpose course, I was working part time, my youngest child was in college, and my oldest was moving out with her boyfriend. I was feeling a need for more direction and clarity of purpose. Hélène’s approach is simply magnificent. She guides us through a logical, well developed, and detailed process. I’m now refining my purpose statement and looking forward to living it each day.

Susan Julison

You have a choice.

You can keep living by default

OR you can take a bold step into a life of purpose.

Which will you choose?

I’m ready to take the DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE course now!

Hi, I’m Hélène!

I’m the Midlife Mentor with a passion for facilitating personal development. Through my on-demand courses, I help introspective, curious, action-oriented women 40+ deepen their journeys of self-discovery and growth—and design their next chapter with courage and intention.

 I created and refined the Discover Your Purpose program over the last several years in order to help women do just that. It is my absolute joy and privilege to take women through this journey!

 On a personal note, I’m a wife, daughter, sister, and friend—and the mother of twin twenty-something daughters. I split my time between Chicago and Sarasota, love travel, dancing, ’70s music, crime shows, ranunculus—and I eat chocolate every day!

I’m a Certified Life Coach with a BA from Duke University and an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. I’m a recovering marketing executive for Fortune 500 companies who’s turned my 20-year fascination with psychology and human behavior into my mission-led profession.
I do a lot of speaking, from radio to TV, podcasts to women’s retreats. I also love showcasing women who are pursuing their passion in midlife and beyond through my written and video interviews—more than 500 to date!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course only open to women in midlife and beyond?

While the course is tailored to women 40+, the step-by-step process works for any adult. 

How do we access the course materials?

Once you have purchased the course, you will get access to the videos and assignments, follow-along-guide, and bonus in the course portal. These are available to you on demand, for you to review and complete on your own timetable.

I'm not really technical. Will I run into isues?

No worries! We have kept the course portal and materials super simple and easy to navigate. If you ever run into trouble with the portal, downloads, or anything else, you can simply use the Message Us button and we’ll help you troubleshoot.

How many hours will I need to invest every week?

That is entirely up to you! The class is meant to be completed in 6-8 weeks (2-3 hours a week), but you can take as long as you want. Or stop and start as neeeded. You have lifetime access to all the course videos and asssignments!

What payment methods do you offer and how do you ensure my payment data is secure?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express for all purchases. The payments are processed through Stripe, one of the best processing companies in the world. Your card information is never stored on our systems but will remain on Stripe for processing purposes.

Are my personal details private when purchasing the course?

Absolutely! We keep your personal information totally private and never sell your data. 

I still have questions. How can I reach you?

Use the Contact Page to reach out and I’ll reply promptly.

How do I pronounce your first name, Hélène?

Unless you took French growing up, you may never have seen my first name, Hélène. I was raised in Paris and went to French schools so the pronunciation stuck. I love it but it’s a bit of a pain when meeting new people!

So I’ll make it simple. Say the two letters L and N in a row, with the emphasis on the N.

L – N

But don’t worry, I’ve heard it all and won’t take offense if you don’t pronounce it right!

Purchase Risk Free!

This course comes with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. We are completely committed to providing you with high quality resources. While you are responsible for how you use those resources, and for your choices and actions, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and on providing you relevant and targeted content and support on your journey to joy and fulfillment in the second half. If for any reason you are not satisfied in the first 30 days after your purchase, we encourage you to contact us for a full refund. It’s that easy!